Conference, Workshop, Team-building services

Cascade Facilities Management Consultants Ltd can provide your organization with experienced assistance in the following areas:
MULTI-DAY CONFERENCES– Cascade can provide a wide range of services ranging from only handling the registration and help desk to managing the complete conference including venue, food and beverages, speakers, displays, sponsorships, audio-visual support, and partner programs;
WORKSHOPS– Cascade can provide one or two day workshops or seminars on a variety of facilities management related topics to suit your requirements.  Services can include seeking sponsorships or trade booths to reduce workshop cost.  Also check out the opportunity to have Cascade organize your emergency planning exercises;
TEAM-BUILDING EVENTS – Cascade offers to organize team-building events at your location or away from the demands of the workplace.  These can be physical, social, or cerebral with the intent of breaking out of the corporate organization and allowing co-workers to share new experiences together as a team.  We can offer The Alamo, The Alpha Team, Survival, Car Rally, and mini versions of The Amazing Race, The Apprentice, Boot Camp, as well as custom-designed Treasure Hunt and Water Fight.  Click here for more information.
CAR RALLIES – Cascade is experienced at organizing a unique corporate social event-a car rally.  Teams of two per vehicle follow a set of devious instructions to arrive at checkpoints, collect items, and perform easy stunts.  The event concludes with prizes and dinner at a pub.  The tales of misadventures on the road are re-told in the workplace coffee room for months afterwards.  Click here for more information.