Team-building Events services



 Cascade Facilities Management Consultants Ltd can provide exciting Team-Building or Retreat activities for your organization.  These include mini versions of the popular TV reality shows The Apprentice and The Amazing Race.  We also offer a recruit style Boot Camp, Treasure Hunts, and a Water Fight experience. 

 The scale and duration of the event is adjusted to suit your needs, schedule, and budget. 

 A Cascade Team-Building experience is sure to create a buzz around the water cooler at your business for years to follow.

 Contact us to discuss the kind of event you would like to have.  Also click here to see our separate page for Car Rallies.

Cascade Events:

The Apprentice, The Amazing Race, The Boot Camp, The Water Fight


Organizations function better when employees get to meet each other informally in a non-work environment.  Team-building or retreat activities allow employees to see their co-workers as people instead of just part of the organization, and nothing is more fun than to be allowed to out-race the boss or squirt the vice-president with a water gun!  Cascade Facilities Management Consultants will custom design the activities to suit your group, your schedule, and budget.