Emergency Planning and Exercises services


Cascade Facilities Management Consultants Ltd can provide public sector organizations such as school districts, colleges and universities, hospitals, and municipalities with experienced assistance in the following areas:

  • Writing of original emergency plans and exercises, and conducting of exercises;
  • Coaching of individual key staff in their roles during emergencies;
  • Workshops on your organization’s roles and responsibilities during an emergency;
  • Creation of fictional emergency exercise scenarios suitable for your organization;
  • Planning sessions with key staff and senior management to change your plan from a document gathering dust into a living reality in people’s minds.

Cascade’s president has many years of experience in the field of emergency planning and has worked as a municipal emergency planner, as a military disaster planner and responder, and as a school district emergency coordinator.  On several occasions he created and implemented disaster exercises to test an organization’s emergency plans.  He has also participated on a number of provincial and federal disaster exercises under the Provincial Emergency Program and the Emergency Preparedness Canada program, including the Thunderbird, Canatex, and Cascadia Response exercises.

Cascade also has several associates such as Bill Wenman, Les King, Wendy Bennett, and Henry Ahking who also have extensive experience and training in emergency planning and exercising.  Bill Wenman has also worked as an exercise planner, director, and simulator on exercises.  Wendy Bennett has experience handling a real disaster when she worked for the Provincial Emergency Program at the recent Kelowna forest fire.  In the past, Cascade delivered workshops to public sector facility and works managers on managing a disaster scenario.

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