Facilities Organization Analysis services

Cascade Facilities Management Consultants Ltdcan provide public sector organizations such as school districts, colleges and universities, hospitals, and municipalities with experienced assistance in the following areas:

  • Review of your existing organization for facilities management, operations, maintenance, and capital upgrades;
  • Review of existing facilities staff job descriptions and updating to reflect reality;
  • Interviews and coaching of individual key facilities staff regarding their importance and role in supporting the organization’s primary functions by providing excellence in facilities;
  • Workshops or simulations to exercise the facilities department’s roles and responsibilities during an emergency;
  • Recommendations to senior management regarding facilities organizational change to better serve the corporate mission;
  • Assistance with labour relations issues pertaining to facilities management;
  • Custodial operations workload formula revision to optimize janitor staffing levels and improve equity of work area assignments;
  • Health & Safety services review to optimize OH&S organization, staffing, training, and effectiveness.

Facilities Management

Bill Low, Les King, and Bill Wenman have many years of experience as Directors of Facilities responsible for building and grounds maintenance, renovations, new construction, internal transportation, security services, and custodial operations.  Experience includes federal properties, municipal works, universities, and school district facilities.

Custodial Operations 

With respect to custodial workload formulas, Cascade offers a new concept to reduce labour relations conflicts and improve fairness in work area assignments for janitorial operations – follow the link to School District Custodial Operations.

Cascade has several other associates who also have extensive experience in facilities operations and management, including Tom Carras and Diane Bunnah, both former custodial supervisors.

Hiring Assistance

Cascade can also help clients with filling new positions in their facilities operations with any of the following services:

  • Contacting potential applicants to encourage them to apply;
  • Assistance with short-listing;
  • Provision of a bank of interview questions;
  • Assistance with reference checking;
  • Participation on the interview panel as an independent facilities management expert.