School District Custodial Workload Formula


Is your formula for assigning workload and shifts to custodian at schools a source of ongoing unhappiness and grievances?  Is there a perception that the formula is unfair?  Do your custodians measure their cleaning areas and compare them to the areas assigned to other workers?

Cascade Facilities Management Consultants Ltd has developed a new way of determining equitable custodial workload in any school.  It is based on Classroom Equivalents, which we call CRE, rather than on square meters.

The advantages of our CRE Custodial Formula are:

  • It recognizes that different functional spaces require different amounts of efforts to clean;
  • It introduces a common measure for all spaces in a school;
  • It eliminates spaces that are rarely cleaned, such as storage rooms, janitor’s rooms, and boiler rooms, from the daily or weekly workload;
  • It provides an opportunity of union input into the formula without constraining management’s ability to control the overall cost; and
    It imparts a feeling of “fairness” to the system.

Contact us to discuss this new formula and its applicability to your school district.