Facilities Management Organization


Many school districts lack the appropriate organization and staffing to properly manage their properties and buildings.  Facilities management is no longer a matter of simply maintaining and cleaning the buildings.  Deteriorating facilities is proven to have an effect upon student achievement, vandalism,  graffiti.  It is also likely that a poorly maintained building, poor lighting, and inadequate volumes of fresh tempered air have a negative impact upon teacher morale.

Energy costs are rising and good facilities management includes retrofitting buildings to improve air quality while reducing energy consumption.

Cascade Facilities Management Consultants Ltd has extensive experience with organizational and functional reviews of school district facilities operations.  We have conducted four such studies in recent years.  These studies include collecting input from school users (principals),  other related district departments,  the labour unions,  and department staff.   It also includes analysis of the work order system and the backlog of uncompleted work requests.  Recommendations will include an appropriate organization for the size of district – often the existing facilities organization has evolved into a less effective organization over the years.

We have also carried out custodial operations reviews, including comparison to benchmark staffing levels.  See the separate webpage for this service.