Space Programming services

Cascade Facilities Management Consultantshas the following expertise in institutional buildings to carry out space programming for your existing, new, or renovated space:  former secretary-treasurer Peter Boyle; directors of facilities for school districts and municipalities Bill Low, Les King, Keith Horne, and Blair Pettis; and facilities planner and architect Henry Ahking.  In addition we have a number of associates with capital project programming experience.  Cascade can also access loyal and dedicated architectural resources to assist with the rendering of spatial recommendations in visual format.  We regularly partner with three different architectural firms who specialize in public sector buildings.Typically, the process would consist of:

  • meeting with the future occupants of the space in functional work groups to discuss their particular spatial and support needs related to their function;
  • preparing a chart showing inter-relationships and communication paths between these work groups;
  • meeting with the entire department in a charette to model the occupancy options and resolve conflicts between desired space and available space;
  • preparation of one-dimensional or two-dimensional models of the space with proposed allocations, communications, and traffic flows between work groups;
  • a final charette with the future occupants;
  • presentation of the recommended space program to the client.

This service can be customized to meet the client’s needs.